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If you wish to view a chosen birds pedigree, you can do so by 'clicking' once over the pedigree link. The pedigree link for each bird can be found just below the birds picture. The 'Couriers Fee' details can be found on the 'How To Buy' page.

BE09-4074145 £160.00 + Couriers Fee
Very nice good builded hen from national + International TOPpigeons. She is the grdaughter of "Quarasi", the 1e Int.Nat. Pau 2005/8.438p., 9e/1500 Limoges,5/220 Montoire,16/355 Chateaudijn,25/406 Bauvais(this is all with champ races!, by that not so many in race). The Quarasi is the grson of "Barca",, the 83e + 159e National barcelona!, he was appired with "La Noyella", 127/19.500p Poitiers. Alex was paired with the line 95/125 from Jos Thone.
This he is from mothersside grdtr of 1e Int.Champ ZLU DAX 2004/05/06. with 30e/3257 Nat. Dax,38/3105 Nat. Da, 70e/3077 Nat Pau, 114/5.782 Nat. Dax, 376/2412 Nat. Pau !!!!!!!!!!!!!This cock is the "Kannibaal"and is also a grson from "Perpignan", 1e national!!!!! and br 2e national Perpignan. This Kannibaal is also a son of the Carteus 99/959 1/2 br. 2e national Perpignan.
This hen is also a grdtr of the 1e National Bordeaux/4220p., and her br. the 7e National Bordeaux, dtr from the 35e national Da, out the 2e International Perpignan. Super hen for the breedingloft. So this hen is granddaughter 1e International Pau + 1e National Bordeaux.

£120.00 + Couriers Fee
Super cock from the International TOP. His grfather is the famous racer, " Ourasi" the 1e International Pau/8438p., 9e Limoges, 10e Montoire,5e Montoire,16e Chateaudun,25e Bauvair,23e Val De Reuil, grandson of the 83e + 159e Nat. Barcelona x "La Noyelle"127e/19.500p. The mother of Öurasi" is "Bleue"4e IntNat Pau.
The mother of this cock is "Freya", dtr "Kannibaal"1e International Champ over 3 years DAX ZLU !!!!!!!!30e,38e,114e Nat. Dax, 70e + 376e Nat. Pau, grson from the Carteus and the 1e Nat. Perpignan, and this -one is also the brother from the 2e Nat. Perpignan.
The mother of "Freya"is "Miep", 1e Nat. Bordeaux jl 4220p., sister from 7e Nat. Bordeaux. "Miep"is dtr from 35e Nat. Dax, and grdtr of 2e Int.Nat. Perpignan.

NL12-1948033 (Hen)

£80.00 + Couriers Fee

NL10-1088439 £150.00 + Couriers Fee
Fantastic Jan Aarden National Top cock, with Golden Eyes. The brothers and sisters of this cock were very good tacing this year on the big National Fond races. His father is a superbreeder from the Jan Aarden, Brothers van Zelderen, with 14 x 1e national. He is a directly son of the famous breeder 1995-201 from the son 1e National Dax, and the dtr 2e International Pau !!! x dtr line 1e National St. Vincent.
The mother of this super cock is sister 9e NPO Ruffec, 19e nat. Ruffec,34e nat. Bergerac, and from the son of 1e National Barcelona x dtr 1e |national Perpignan. !!!!!!! He was paired with the dtr of 1998-731 from ALL National Toppers of van Zelderen. Super cock for the breeding!!

£160.00 + Couriers Fee
Very nice jan Aarden cock from Super national TOP palomas. They are from the old lines from Piet Lazeroms, and we see also "Zilvervosje, the super breeding hen of jan Aarden.
More we see:
1e nat Dax
1e Nat St. Vincent
2e International Oau, 4e + 12e national
1e nat. perpinan
1e nat. barcelona
De Polder
De van Zelderen,s, 14 x 1e nat.

£270.00 + Couriers Fee
Fantastic Jan Aarden National Top cock, from fathersside the :
1e Nat Dax
1e Nat St Vincent
2e Int Nat Pau, 1e Nat St Vincent
4e,12e, 18e, 23e National !!!!!
 From mothersside the best pigeon family of Europe from the last years, the3 Batenburg pigeons, and than with all t5he famous "De Witbuik", "Bonte Kwekewr", Ruffec", "Perpignan".

£215.00 + Couriers Fee
 In his pedegree the old 38 ~Sproet van Piet Lazeroms.
The van Zelderen brothers, 14 x 1e National
1e Nat Dax, 1e Nat St. Vincent, 2e Int.Nat Pau, 4e National 12e National 1e Nat. St. Vincent.
500 van Agtmaal the best breeder ever.
The old Westerhuis 82/98, mother of 1e,2e, Nat. Lourdes, 1e Prov. St. Vincent
18e ~23e National.

NL07-1149402  £150.00 + Couriers Fee
All Barcelona/Gysselbrecht cock. I know pedegree not clear look. But by that big comment for men. Can not make better. I send already.
Very nice cock, with the blood of many International important pigeons. His father was a good racer, with more/many prices above 900 kms. He is the son of "De Vechter", with in the blood the 1e national Barcelona, and 2 1e int. nat. barcelona, 75% Van Bruane + 25 % Van der Weegen, son of the "Bergerac", 1e in the club, 64e Nat/20643 p. and he was paired with the "Schoon Laat", the Super barcelona racer. The grmother from fathersside was from Hielke postma, many years the bof Fond Champ, of the north of Holland, directly from the 8e+9e St. Vincent + 6e Brive and 23 prices. This all in regional. His hen was the Brothers kuypers Sam de Jong, with the jan Aardens.
The mother of this cock is granddaughter of the Barcelona 2, 1e In.nat. barca. Mother of the 3e national Ruffec/5179 (this cock is 1/2 brother of 3e nat. Ruffec, also). This mother has the father "Blauwe Prins"from Gyselbrecht, son of "King", with 61e Nat. barca, and 92e Int.Nat. barca/11.214 p. He was paired with dtr of "Prins barcelona"from Gyselbrecht.
The "Blauwe Prins was paired with "Cleopatra", direct from the daughter of "barcelona 2", 1e International Barcelona/13.033p., 1e nat. barca/7066p., Andre van Bruane. He was apired with "Mona Lisa", the 11e national Barcelona, dtr of "Commodore".


£245.00 + Couriers Fee

Superbreeder Jan Aarden, cock.
In his blood:
6 x 1e National
3 x 4e National
3 x 12e National
4 x 6 x price Barcelona.


£110.00 + Couriers Fee


£105.00 + Couriers Fee


£105.00 + Couriers Fee

Look at her Pedigree!!!!!


£350.00 + Couriers Fee

TOP quality pigeon!!!!!

NL12-1948021 £325.00 + Couriers Fee

VERY NICE yOUNG jAN aARDEN COCK, WITH ALREADY THE MOST SUPER EYES, and in his blood the 1e \national St. Vincent, 1e National Dax, 2e Internat. Pau, and the world famous "De Dolle", the Fathewr of the Jan Aardens with the super eyes and winning National Races. This is the "Future Man".